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Monday, 22 August 2011 16:43

Now, the attention might be on the football seasons starting all over Europe this month but for those heading off on holiday, or looking for inspiration, there are a number of other events to look out for.


Valencia Car Hire la tomatinaOur scouting has taken us from Amsterdam to Valencia via Majorca and Alicante and things like tomatoes, rubber ducks and historical weaponry has piqued our attention.


Classic Events

Starting in Amsterdam, we were intrigued by the Canal Festival. This runs from 12th August through to the 21st. The festival is dedicated to classical music and of course, the many canals provide the perfect setting for the 70 plus different concerts. It all culminates on the floating stage in front of the Hotel Pulitzer.

Staying in Amsterdam and the Liteside Festival running from 19th to 21st August is a celebration of East meeting the West across music, dance, performance art and other entertainment genres.

Something a Little More Crazy

From Amsterdam we head to the sunnier climes of Majorca in eager anticipation of the releasing of the ducks. This takes place in C’an Picafort annually and used to use actual ducks, until complaints were lodged. Now, locals and visitors alike scramble around in the water to grab one of the 350 rubber ducks released into the sea. Strange but it sounds like a lot of fun!

From the ridiculous to the religious and the Moors and Christians Festival in Alicante. This runs from 26th to 29th August (although it does take place earlier in the month also) and celebrates the history of the area with battle re-enactments the fulcrum of the events.

Staying on mainland Spain and wrapping things up is La Tomatina. In the little town of Bunol near Valencia, every last Wednesday of August tonnes of tomatoes are dumped in the town ready for the many locals and visitors to use as missiles. This light-hearted event has been running for years and sees everyone quite literally paint the town red with tomatoes.


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