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Monday, 21 March 2011 18:24

As we put our feet up on Friday evening and tuned into the Comic Relief fanfare on

BBC it got us thinking about exercise. Watching all of these celebrities putting themselves through their paces got us in the mood for a spot of running.

However, the thought of struggling around the local estate didn’t quite have the same appeal as striding confidently across a glorious beach under scintillating sunshine. So, (instead of donning the running shoes) we popped onto the website to find some of the best places to enjoy a run abroad.


We know how popular cheap holidays to Tenerife are for relaxing on the beach but the island is laced with tracks and streets that are perfect for jogging on. Mount Tiede not only provides a remarkable and imposing backdrop but it also a great place to discover some runs. There is even the Tenerife Bluetrail long distance run that kicks off this year in April.


For many, Lanzarote is home to what is considered the most gruelling Ironman competition in the world. However, whilst this involves running, cycling and swimming, you can leave off the latter two and concentrate on the jogging.
The island is blessed with a number of glamorous tracks that are just as good for jogging as they are trekking.


Now this isn’t technically a sunshine destination but you’d be hard pressed to find many better places to go running, surrounded by amazing architecture and parks. The Paris marathon is also worth keeping an eye out for, if you want to really test your running skills.

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