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Tuesday, 22 March 2011 13:10

This weekend is the annual Oxford versus Cambridge boast race. The event usually draws a lot of interest and if, whilst watching, you get an urge to try out rowing for the first time, we decided to look into some places that are particularly good for it.

Rowing in CroatiaOn top of the pile was Croatia. We were impressed by the choice of companies offering lessons, tours and equipment but most importantly was the beauty of the Dalmatia Coast.

The Best Way to Discover the Coast

The Dalmatia Coast truly is a little gem with a growing reputation. The beaches are varied, offering everything from shingles to white soft sand and the many little towns and villages create a charming atmosphere. This atmosphere is added to by the history that clings to the coast, particularly in the bigger resorts of Spilt and Dubrovnik.

Absorbing all of this is easily done with your feet firmly placed on the ground. However, heading out onto the lakes or the sea in a kayak provides another way to enjoy this dramatic and beautiful coastline.

There are plenty of rowing and kayaking schools, giving you the basic training and provide you with the right equipment. It is also worth contacting these schools because they often provide some excellent tours around the best areas.

So, whilst watching the boat race this weekend, perhaps you should consider a cheap holiday in Croatia from Jet2holidays . com if it looks like something you could get into.

Jet2holidays are not responsible for the provision of any excursions, tours and/or any other similar activities advertised, or for anything that happens during the course of their provision by the relevant operator.

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