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Where Will You Celebrate the Royal Wedding? PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 31 March 2011 09:30

cheap holidays to Tenerife It is a little over a month until the Royal Wedding grips the

nation but where do you plan on celebrating the occasion? If you book your days strategically, you can get an eleven day break for the cost of just three holiday days – due to the way that the bank holidays fall.

For this reason many people are looking to make the most of the rare opportunity to enjoy a longer holiday but where is proving hot?

Croatia – Dalmatia Coast

If rumours are to be believed, you could be following the married couple to Croatia. It is thought they will celebrate part of their honeymoon in Rab, a small island to the north of Split.

The popularity of the Dalmatia Coast is on the rise and the arrival of the royal couple would only increase this popularity.


Tenerife is never out of fashion. What with its great weather and glorious beaches promising dreams of indulgent relaxation, bookings for the island are once again soaring.

The short haul flights also make it very appealing for families looking to escape the routine of everyday life.


Ever since the show returned to our TVs, cheap holidays to Benidorm have been steadily increasing. Whilst the programme takes an out-dated look at Brits abroad, it does celebrate good old British mannerisms, perhaps making it an ideal place to enjoy a very British Royal Wedding.

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